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Alexander Joey, Australia
You guys are breathtaking! is the only place on the entire web that I keep coming back to, more than Facebook haha, and your prices are always affordable for me! Cheers
Catherine W, USA
Affordable prices always. The bed took about 30 seconds to assemble - did it without reading the instructions. Despite that, it doesn't seem too flimsy. Both cats were super interested in it on the first day, poking their heads into it, sniffing it, and jumping on top of it. After that things settled down, with one cat who prefers to snuggle up on top of it every night, and the other who more or less ignores it most of the time but occasionally can be found inside. It folds away nicely if we need it to, but so far it's handled itself well.
Jasmin, UK
I really love the packaging for this item, so much so that I’m actually writing a review for an item! Applying castor oil to get dark eyebrows / long eyelashes has been impressed upon me since I was a young girl but I've always hated the mess and the sticky smell. However, the included mascara and eyeliner tube make a world of difference! It's a simple step of just swiping some on and going to bed. Also the castor oil itself is completely different; clean, clear and doesn't stink! It's also easy enough to refill the tubes from the castor oil bottle since it comes with a medicine rubber dropper.

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